Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band Before You Book Them

So you think you found the perfect wedding band bristol for your reception? It is important to make sure they can provide the right atmosphere and entertainment for your wedding. You should be sure not to assume anything when planning your wedding, double check all the details with the band before making a final decision. Below is a list of questions to ask before making a contract with your wedding band:

Are you available on this date, between these times? You need to be sure your band is available on the date and the times you desire. You do not want to find out a week before your wedding that the band has double booked. Be sure to mention the time you will need the band to arrive and include enough set up time. If the band needs to travel to the wedding location discuss travel time. Be specific about how much time the band will need to dedicate to your wedding reception. It may be helpful to present them with a timeline detailing their expected arrive, set up, start, break and finishing times.

Do you know how to play…? If you have a theme you may wish to see if the band knows a specific style of music and if they know enough of that style to cover the amount of hours your wedding reception is scheduled to run for. Most people will just want to check the band can play their favorite songs, and in particular the song they have chose for their first dance. If you are told “we can learn it”, be sure to find out when the band will learn it by. Set the date they will learn the songs by and be sure to schedule a time to come and hear the new songs or ask for them to send a recording to you.

Do you travel? If your wedding reception is not in the town or area where they band originate you need to be sure they are willing to travel. Inform the band of the location of the reception and how long it will take to commute there. Be sure to check the band have transport and a method of shifting their instruments and gear.

Do you have replacements? Emergencies happen, band members break limb, get sick, leave the band. Does the band have a backup plan for emergencies? It is important to know you won’t be left with no entertainment if the singer suddenly comes down with laryngitis or the drummer breaks his hand.

Does the price include…? Make a list of all the things you think you are paying the band for and show the band. Do not leave anything to chance. You should ask specifically about the hours they will play, how many breaks they will take, travel expenses, accommodation (if necessary), food, drinks, equipment and the number of musicians who will play for the agreed upon price. If you don’t ask you do not know!


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