Man on a Mission!

Missions has totally changed my life! The progressions I’ve encountered are so unimaginable, it’s difficult to try and envision my life some time recently.

All my life I battled with tension. For a long time I stressed and worried over everything, to the point where I would at times become physically ill. I was restless about the seemingly insignificant details in my day by day life and the world and every one of its issues. All through school and doctoral level college I felt the full weight of the world’s desires of me as a man to work for and want something that I didn’t have faith in: the “American Dream.” Proverbs 12: 25 says “Nervousness in a man’s heart burdens him,” and that is precisely how I’d generally felt. I was overloaded and tied up by tension.

In missions I have discovered opportunity! Opportunity from tension. Opportunity from common desires. Flexibility to carry on with the life that God has gotten ready for me; one in which I feel satisfaction and reason. Presently when I feel exhausted and dead tired toward the finish of a taxing day, I realize that it has endless essentialness, not only a temporary sentiment fulfillment. There’s nothing superior to realizing that what I’m working for without stopping for even a minute is important and actually groundbreaking for others.

I have surrendered my life to God’s will for me and my family, and now I let Him stress over the rest. He has never fizzled, not once! He gives what we require, as well as He gives us the yearnings of our souls. Missions has really changed my life and improved me a man, and I couldn’t envision perpetually backpedaling. Kindred men: the world needs us to drastically think outside about the 9 to 5. Is God calling you to an existence of opportunity and satisfaction in missions? Be man enough to discover!

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