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How to gain weight naturally and in a healthier way

How to gain weight naturally is a question, which is difficult to answer. We generally talk about weight loss and weight burning but there are also some slim people on the planet who want to gain some extra pounds. Because of the reason that slimness is not always beauty, we should have the proper figure to look attractive. Weight gain is also as difficult as weight loss. Skinny people also have some nicknames like matchstick, skeletal, undernourished and hanger. When you hear these nicknames from your friends, you might feel embarrassment. Perhaps you have some idea about how to gain weight but I can say surely you don’t know How to gain weight naturally.

Are you feeling bad about your underweight problem? Do you want to put some healthy pounds? Do you want to look hotter in your brand-new dress? Just don’t worry. I will tell you some methods and foods that may add to some extra pounds, and will make you look smarter and adorable. It is true that you can gain weight by drinking sugary soda and eating high carb foods, but your body will suffer a lot in this way. You will face the lack of nutrition, and poor diet will cause weakness in your body. So for the sake of your health, you must have to know How to gain weight naturally.

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How to gain weight naturally in easier ways:

If you want to know How to gain weight naturally keep reading this article. I will tell you some healthy ways to gain weight for your well-being.

Banana and milk:

Banana is a rich source of potassium and carbohydrates, which are essential for the growth of your body. Banana is a high-caloric fruit with ideal nutrients.

Milk is also an ideal food to have for the recovery of an unhealthy body. Drink banana shake or milkshake at different times of the day to gain weight in an effective way. Add sugar to make them both tasty.


Snack on a handful of nuts between meals. Try crunchy snacks like almond, walnuts, peanuts, cashew etc., they will definitely help you to put some weight.

They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, fibers and fats. The oils of these nuts enable a skinny person to put on some pounds.


Potatoes lovers should be happy to hear this good news that potatoes will help you to gain weight. Potatoes are crammed with good carbs.

All forms of potatoes will have a major impact on gaining healthy weight. Try French fries to enjoy a treat along with pretty weight on your love handles.

Eat regularly:

Eating more often will help you to gain few extra kilos. Eat after every 3 hours, in the form of delicious snacks.

Have a protein rich snack or high caloric meal. You can try different recipes and ideas for snacks like French fries, protein shake, milkshake or bread with peanut butter or sandwich with cheese.


Stress is the enemy of a healthy body. Stress can damage your mind and can make you physically ill.

You have to manage your stress if you are looking for gaining or losing some weight. Stress can be a hurdle on your weight gain journey. Try yoga or meditation classes to relax your mind and body.


Ginger is an ideal appetite booster. It can be a great help when it comes to close appetite. It is appetite booster by warming up the digestive track. Try to have ginger tea or use as a salad to garnish your dishes.

Try these tricks to gain some healthy weight and look better along with being healthy. I have shown you different ways to answer the question How to gain weight naturally?

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